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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to place an order?

    You choose the product(s) from our site and send us an enquiry. We will send you back our terms and conditions along with a "How to order" - Order form in your email. Once you are convinced about the product and requirement you can place the order via email. By placing the order via email you agree to our terms and conditions.

  2. When will I get the product delivered and installed?

    We generally take a maximum of 5 working days to deliver. Generally we deliver during the weekends to ensure your availability when we deliver the items.

  3. Is there any minimum rental period?

    Yes. You should rent from us for a minimum of two months. For premature termination we charge rent for the entire two months and refund whatever is eligible for you.

  4. Do you service across Chennai? How much you charge for transportation?

    Yes we do service all around Chennai City. We will charge a flat transportation fee of Rs500. For every additional product you rent we charge Rs 300 extra.

  5. How will you collect the deposit and monthly rent?

    On time of delivery we will take the Security deposit and transportation fee from you. On lapse of every month you can pay the rent via online or to our customer service executive.

  6. Do I need to give you any proof on delivery?

    Yes. We need your Id proof along with your permanent address proof. Please refer to our privacy policy on how we use the same.

  7. On maintenance?

    Don't worry about the same. 4C Groups will take care of all the regular and specific maintenance. In case of any issues please send us an email or call us. We will attend the issue within 48 hrs of your notification.

  8. What is your policy on physical damage to the products?

    We expect products to go through regular usage wear and tear. For example, we do understand and expect rusting of metallic parts. However, any physical damage will attract a penalty which will be deducted from your security deposit after inspection by a professional. We request you to maintain the products as if you own them.

  9. What if I relocate?

    If you are relocating within Chennai, we will help you move the product to your new location free of cost. All you have to do is give us 7 day of notice for relocation. However the service is available free of cost only once during your rental period. Second relocation and onwards is chargeable. Once we start operating in other cities, you can rent the same appliance in different cities.

  10. How can I return your product?

    Simple, just send us an email with 15 days notice period and we will take care of the rest. Please talk to our customer care executive if you want to partially return the rented appliances.

  11. How does the deposit refund work?

    At the end of tenure, your deposit will be returned to you in cash at the time of pick up of the appliance. In case of any phycial damages other than regular wear and tear we will charge and return back what you are eligible for.

  12. What about the quality of the rented appliances?

    We at 4C Groups ensures the best is delivered to our customers. All the inventory is owned and maintaned by 4C Groups. We refurbish our appliances very frequently and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Rest assured you will have a very good experience renting from us.